031015, Chinese Warships

It was quite a bizarre and surreal atmosphere in Stockholm Harbor the day the Chinese warships were open to the public. If you think of the political atmosphere in China and then think of the political atmosphere in Sweden, you will soon realize there is a huge difference between the two countries.

I am quite surprised at the Swedish government for welcoming that Chinese ships with open arms?

Once I was on board the ships I started noticing that there was not a lot of Swedes visiting the ships… Mostly people from Asian, and a lot of kids, so many kids I would say the Chinese army suddenly becoming baby sitters 🙂

These are the two ships that Were here:

Destroyer 152 “Jinan”

Type 052C, the third generation Chinese destroyer. Length of 165 m. Width 17 m. Height 41 m. Displacement 6500 tons. Diesel and gas turbine. Speed ​​30 knots. Crew 280 men.

Frigate 548 “Yiyang”

Length of 135 m. Width 19 m. Height 35 m. Displacement 4400 tons. Diesel. Speed ​​27 knots. Crew 165 men.


There was a third ship, a supply and maintenance ship, I do not have any information on it.

The ships arrived in Stockholm harbor on September 30 and stayed until October 4.

Conclusion: well I could say a lot here, but I will not. I think most people with half a brain know what I want to say….

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